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Bookmark These: The Best Beer Blogs of 2023

0 13-11-2023
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Whether you're a hop-head, malt maestro, or someone who just enjoys a good brew, the internet is bubbling with passionate beer bloggers sharing their frothy adventures. In this year of 2023, the craft beer movement has expanded further, and so has the world of beer blogging. We've taken a sip from all over the web to bring you the best beer blogs that deserve a toast.

1. Hop To It Chronicles

2. Malt Magic Moments

3. Lagers of the World

4. Wild & Sour Hour

5. The Barrel-Aged Bard

6. Ale's Well Adventures

7. Brews and Views

8. Femme Ferment

9. Cerveza Chronicles

10. Pints & Pens

11. The Brew Blueprint

12. Yeast and Yonder

13. BierBuzz

14. Infinity IPAs

15. The Lager Diaries

FAQs About the Best Beer Blogs


Keyword for the soul: Hop-forward

Have you ever wondered if you could take a dive into a sea of hops and emerge smelling like your favorite IPA? Well, "Hop To It Chronicles" is your diving board. This blog captures the essence of hop-heavy beers, from bitter West Coast IPAs to the more juicy New England varieties.

What we love:

Their "Hop of the Month" section breaks down a new hop varietal in every post, detailing flavor profiles, history, and recommended brews. Dive in, and you might just come out with a newfound appreciation for hops.


Keyword for the soul: Malty goodness

For those who adore the rich and toasty, the "Malt Magic Moments" blog is like a warm blanket on a cold night. Dive into the depths of stouts, porters, and all things malt-forward.

What we love:

The blog's "Malt Matrix" – an interactive chart that guides readers through the vast world of malted grains, their flavors, and the beers they shape.


Keyword for the soul: Crisp and clean

Lagers might be one of the most consumed beer types globally, but "Lagers of the World" proves that they're anything but mundane. From the sharp bite of a Czech Pilsner to the sweet touch of a Baltic Porter, this blog takes lager lovers on a whirlwind tour.

What we love:

Their "Lager Landmarks" series – a travel guide to the world's lager hotspots, complete with brewery tours, food pairings, and cultural tidbits.


Keyword for the soul: Pucker up!

For those with a penchant for the wild side of beer, "Wild & Sour Hour" is a thrilling journey into the world of sour beers, wild ales, and funky fermentations. This is not just another one of the best beer blogs; it's an odyssey of taste.

What we love:

The "Fermentation Fables" section where readers are regaled with tales of spontaneous fermentation, wild yeast wrangling, and the art of aging beer in wine barrels.


Keyword for the soul: Elegantly aged

This blog, akin to a well-aged bottle of wine, only gets better with time. "The Barrel-Aged Bard" takes readers on a journey through the world of barrel-aged wonders, from bourbon barrel stouts to tequila-infused tripels.

What we love:

Their “From Barrel to Glass” video series, which offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into the barrel-aging process, straight from master brewers and blenders.


Keyword for the soul: Quirky quaffs

"Ale's Well Adventures" isn't just a blog; it's a chronicle of one beer lover's journey through the myriad quirks of the ale universe. From unique homebrew experiments to uncovering little-known ale variants, this blog is for those who believe that where there's ale, all's well.

What we love:

The "Ale-tastic Expeditions" travel series, guiding readers through ale-centric festivals, breweries, and hidden gems around the globe.


Keyword for the soul: Scenic sips

Imagine coupling scenic landscapes with the world's best brews. "Brews and Views" captures the imagination by pairing captivating vistas with the perfect beer. Whether it's a sunset over the Grand Canyon with a crisp pale ale or a rainy day in London with a dark, brooding stout, this blog brings the ambiance.

What we love:

Their monthly "Perfect Pair" post, juxtaposing breathtaking photography with detailed beer reviews.


Keyword for the soul: Empowerment

Highlighting women in the world of brewing, "Femme Ferment" is more than just a beer blog. It's a movement, championing female brewers, entrepreneurs, and aficionados. Each post serves as a testament to the women breaking the barley ceiling.

What we love:

The spotlight interviews with pioneering women in the industry, offering insights, inspirations, and the challenges they've overcome.


Keyword for the soul: International intrigue

For those looking to embark on a global beer journey, "Cerveza Chronicles" is your passport. Celebrating brews from every corner of the world, this blog dives deep into the histories, cultures, and unique flavors each region brings to the frothy table.

What we love:

Their "Beer Passport" series, stamping each post with flavor notes, histories, and must-try brews from the featured region.


Keyword for the soul: Literary libations

Intertwining the worlds of literature and beer, "Pints & Pens" is a treat for bookworms and beer enthusiasts alike. Dive into posts that pair classic literature with fitting brews, offering a unique tasting experience with every chapter.

What we love:

The seasonal "Books & Brews Club," suggesting reading lists paired with complementary beers to make your reading sessions even more immersive.


Keyword for the soul: DIY Brewing

For the hands-on beer enthusiast who's taken the plunge into homebrewing, "The Brew Blueprint" offers a comprehensive guide. From basic brewing techniques to advanced recipes that challenge even the most seasoned brewmasters, this blog truly covers it all.

What we love:

The "Brewer's Lab" segment, where readers are taken through step-by-step experiments to tweak and perfect their home brews.


Keyword for the soul: Rustic rendezvous

A blend of traditional brewing methods and travel, "Yeast and Yonder" showcases the rustic and often overlooked breweries nestled in picturesque locations. Think farmhouse ales in the French countryside or stouts from historic English hamlets.

What we love:

The annual "Yonderfest", a virtual celebration of traditional breweries around the world, complete with virtual tours, interviews, and tasting notes.


Keyword for the soul: Trend tracker

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of beer, "BierBuzz" is your go-to source. They're on top of the latest beer trends, from innovative brewing techniques to the latest in sustainable packaging.

What we love:

Their "Buzzworthy Brews" section, highlighting the up-and-coming beers and breweries that are making waves in the industry.


Keyword for the soul: Limitless hop horizons

IPA lovers, rejoice! "Infinity IPAs" is a homage to the limitless world of India Pale Ales. From the bitterest double IPAs to the haziest of hazy brews, this blog is a never-ending journey through hoppy heaven.

What we love:

The "Hop Horizon" series, where readers are introduced to new and unconventional hop varieties that are pushing the boundaries of what an IPA can be.


Keyword for the soul: History in a glass

Taking a more academic approach to beer, "The Lager Diaries" dives deep into the storied history of lagers, from their origins to their evolution over centuries. Readers come for the history lessons and stay for the expertly crafted reviews.

What we love:

The "Historical Pint" series, offering readers a glimpse into how historical events shaped the world of lagers and the brewing industry at large.

And with that, our ultimate list of the best beer blogs of 2023 comes to a close. But remember, the world of beer is expansive and ever-evolving. So while this list provides a stout foundation, always keep an eye out for the next great brew or beer blog that tickles your palate or piques your curiosity. Here's to many more years of delicious discovery! Cheers!


Q: How do I choose the best beer blog for me?

A: Consider what you love most about beer—whether it’s the brewing process, the history, the community, or simply enjoying new flavors. Match that interest with a blog that specializes in that area, and you’ll have found your perfect pint-sized match.

Q: Are beer blogs a reliable source for brewing advice?

A: Many beer blogs are run by experienced brewers and beer enthusiasts who offer valuable insights. However, always cross-reference any advice with professional resources, especially when it comes to brewing safety.

Q: Can following beer blogs help me improve my beer tasting skills?

A: Absolutely! Many beer blogs offer tasting notes, flavor profiles, and detailed reviews that can help you develop your palate and vocabulary for describing beer.

Q: Do beer bloggers collaborate with breweries?

A: Yes, collaborations happen frequently. Bloggers might be invited to breweries for events, or to provide feedback on new releases. These partnerships can give readers insider access to the brewing world.

Q: How often should I check my favorite beer blogs?

A: If you’re a daily reader, you might find fresh content weekly or even biweekly, depending on the blog. Signing up for newsletters can keep you updated without the need to constantly check the site.

Q: Are there beer blogs that focus on non-alcoholic beers?

A: With the rising popularity of non-alcoholic craft beers, more blogs are dedicating space to reviewing and discussing these brews. Keep an eye out for sections or tags specifically about non-alcoholic options.

Q: What if I want to start my own beer blog?

A: Dive in! The beer blogging community is often supportive of new voices. Start by finding your unique angle, be consistent with content, and engage with the community. Who knows, maybe you'll be on this list next year!

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